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Ali Bourgault, LMT

Ali Bourgault is a results-based therapist focused on improving the quality of daily life. She studied at Spa Tech Institute, where she received a certificate in Holistic Massage and Deep Tissue Therapy. She plans to return to Spa Tech Institute to study the advanced levels of Polarity Therapy.

A Healing Vibration empowers and supports clients during all stages of their healing journey through focused sessions and recommended self-care techniques. A Healing Vibration vows to use locally produced and organic products, when available, to ensure the best quality experience.

Ali's Services

Deep Tissue and Energy Balancing Session
(Ali's Signature Massage)
Starts with a soothing foot soak and builds with a combination of Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Reiki, and Polarity therapy blended to ease tension, rejuvenate, and refresh. Session includes a crystal layout with an aura and chakra clearing to revitalize you. All products used are handcrafted with natural ingredients.

30min. $50, 60min. $80, 90min. $115, 120min. $150

Nutrition and Life Coaching
Regroup and create a new plan. Coaching is guided brainstorming to create powerful new plans and empower you to make the big changes you have been craving.

30min. $50, 60min. $80, 90min. $115, 120min. $150

Empowerment Session
Unique combination of Polarity Therapy, Reiki, channeling, and an Affirmation Deck reading to remove energetic blocks, uplift and inspire.

60min. $80

Mud, Clay, and Seaweed Body Wraps
Custom blended wraps to nourish and hydrate the skin. Session starts with full body dry brushing, wrap is applied and you will receive a relaxing foot massage or mini Polarity session while the wrap sets; quick rinse in the shower, followed by soothing oil massage.

90min. $130

Sacred Stone Massage (Ayurvedic Hot Stone)
Incredibly soothing and relaxing, almost like a vacation! Starts with a refreshing foot soak and cleanse, incorporates hot stone and crystal layouts, warmed oil, and soothing massage techniques.

60min. $95, 90min. $130

Office Mobile Massage
Chair massage is a great way to show appreciation for your employees. 10-15 minute sessions help alleviate muscle tension, fatigue and stress and reduce repetitive stress injuries, while increasing productivity and company loyalty.

$80 per hour

Travel Fees For Office Visits:
Travel fees are timed from 69 Broadway St. Westford and based on Google Maps directions.

0-20 minutes No Fee, 20-35 minutes $15, 35-55 minutes $30
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